Recipes using moringa powder
Tomato Moringa Rolls
Dough 1 (Moringa)
5 lbs 6 oz Bread Flour
2 oz Salt
2 oz Sugar
1/3 cup Honey
3 oz Yeast
1.5 qt Ice water
3 oz Moringa Powder

Dough 2 (Tomato)
6 lbs Bread Flour
2 oz Salt
2 oz Sugar
1/3 oz Honey
3 oz Yeast
1 qt 4 oz Ice wáter
1 qt Tomato paste

4 oz Paprika
3 oz Crushed Red Pepper
1 oz Garlic Powder
3 oz Salt

1. Mix the doughs. Roll out on sheeter to about ¾ inch. Lay the doughs on each other (put a little water in between).
2. Cut strips into 2 oz pieces.
3. Roll the pieces in balls and then proceed to dip them in water and then in the topping.

Moringa Dip

Yogurt 125 g
Mayonnaise 60 g ¼ c
Lemon Juice 4 g 1tsp
Salt 3 g ½ tsp
Pepper, ground .05 g ¼ tsp
Moringa mix 60 g ¼ c

Moringa French Toast (for two)
2 pcs. Bread 200 ml milk or coconut milk
2 pcs. Egg 1 big spoon of low glycemic coconut sugar
1 teaspoon Moringa Powder

How to make:
1. Put egg, milk, sugar and Moringa powder in a bowl and mix thoroughly. Cut bread in half.
2. Put bread in the bowl and soak it for a while.
3. Heat the frying fan, put butter or coconut oil and fry the bread.

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